Lexington Zombie Farm sprouted its roots in 2011 when our daughter had a unique birthday and Halloween request: she wanted us to host a party. In response, we transformed our property, carving out intricate trails, and brought to life a hauntingly unforgettable celebration. The experience of sharing this eerie extravaganza with others ignited a passion within us.

In 2012, we decided to open our doors to the public, and we dedicated the proceeds to support a local fundraiser. As the years rolled by, our gathering grew in size. Zombie Farm has become more than just an annual haunt; it's evolved into a tight-knit family of performers. Many of our actors return year after year, dedicating most of their teenage and young adult years to the spine-tingling experiences we create together. 

Nestled near the Lexington wildlife management area in Lexington Oklahoma, the journey to Zombie Farm became an integral part of the adventure. The tranquil roads and twisted treelines leading to our haunted haven only added to the suspense and mystique of the experience. Once you arrive at our haunt, prepare to be immersed in over 20 minutes of heart-pounding, spine-tingling haunt action.