1.) No Smoking in or near the attraction.

2.) No outside food or Drinks.

3. ) No Cameras, Lights, Flashlights Allowed.

4.) Lexington Zombie Farm is not responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen items.

5.) No Weapons, Alcohol, or Illegal Substances will be allowed on Zombie Farm Property.

6.) Do not touch any props, decorations, items, or actors inside the attraction for any reason.

7.) By entering this attraction, you are taking the risk of being scared. We are not responsible for any injuries or conditions sustained on the premises or effects that may occur after you leave.

8.) This attraction contains scenes of graphic violence, copious amounts of blood and gore, dim lighting, areas of total darkness, strobe lights, blasts of air, fog, loud noises, and tight spaces. 

9.) There will be no refunds for any reason. You are paying us to scare you.  If you are too scared to enter the attraction and turn around at the beginning, then we consider it a job well done and you will not be refunded.  If you aren’t scared, then you are truly brave, but you still won’t be getting a refund.

10.) Pregnant women, persons with back, neck, breathing, or heart problems, or anyone who suffers from seizures and people who are easily scared might want to consider those things before entering the haunt.

11.) By entering this attraction, you are giving consent to be video taped and/or photographed. You are also giving consent for Lexington Zombie Farm to reproduce these videos and/or photographs and use them to promote the attraction. 


12.) Lexington Zombie Farm is open to all ages using parental discretion.  Zombie Farm does not ID patrons and assumes if your under age child has shown up on our premises they are with someone who is 16 or older.  Zombie Farm is in no way responsible for your children, if they are doing things you don't want them to do that is a problem that starts at home and has nothing to do with our haunt.  If your under age child comes to our haunt unattended or behind your back,  the person who brought them here is responsible for them.  Lexington Zombie Farm shall not be responsible in any way for injuries should they happen.

13.) We are not responsible for your underage children. If you  children show up without a parent or guardian and they have to be home by a set curfew, that is on the parent and not zombie farm. They can use their tickets another night.


14.) If you break our rules we have the right to escort you off the premises immediately and without question. The entire attraction is under video surveillance and  We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for any damages.

Lexington Zombie Farm has the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.